A 6-Week Accelerator for Feminine Coaches & Healers Who Want to Build a Wildly In-Demand Brand and Solidify Consistent $8-10k Months

*for 5 women only at a time


A 6-Week Accelerator for Feminine Coaches & Healers Who Want to Build a Wildly In-Demand Brand and Solidify Consistent $8-10k Months

*for 5 women only at a time


Hey beautiful, I see you. You’re a feminine visionary, a healer with extraordinary magic to share, but you’re struggling to communicate your profound impact to your audience, leaving you feeling overlooked and your sales a little *ahem* dry.

You have an extraordinary wealth of wisdom and lives to change.

You desire a business that grows and gives without you always having to be "on" or being high vibe.

You dream of a business where your content and marketing effortlessly attract your dream clients (because you know exactly what to do), allowing you to focus on your zone of genius and making the kind of money that lets you do what you LOVE.

But right now, you're feeling frustrated because your sales are inconsistent, you don't know why people aren't jumping to buy your offer and your brand feels overlooked.

You’re tired of winging it and seeing your income dry up when your kids are sick, school holidays come around or your hormones won't let you think clearly.

 You know in your soul, it’s time to build solid foundations for your business, clarify your offers, and position yourself as THE choice in your field.

Here's the thing...

I already know you don't want to sacrifice your authenticity and beautiful feminine flow and creativity for for cold hard strategy but you also know that order for your business to take off become THE CHOICE for your dream client, you need to stop winging it and have a solid offer structure and strategy for consistent sales. 

And I also know that you want to merge this with your unique brilliance and strengths, using your intuition and energetics and apply it to your business in a way that feels light and joyful, and fully aligned to your strengths, values and vision.


What if you had a roadmap to show you exactly how to create this for yourself so you can step into your fullest expression in your feminine leadership while making solid income?


I've got that roadmap for you and that’s exactly why I created…

A 6-week accelerator for down-to-earth healers, coaches & mystics who want to make consistent $8-10k months and a huge impact in their business from their extraordinary magic.


Okay, let's have a chat...

I've had countless conversations with visionary women in the healing space (just like you)  who are frustrated and unsure of how to clearly communicate the transformative power of their work and create and sell their offers in a way that creates consistent income.

Is this you?


Welcome to IGNITE YOUR INCOME a 7 week accelerator designed ESPECIALLY for women like you—feminine leaders, healers, coaches & mystics who value being in their feminine, but want to stop playing in the shallow end of their business and start making real solid moves to grow and make consistent income.

This is where you get to trust yourself, step into your leadership, and make impactful decisions that grow your business.

Get crystal clear on your direction and message, and confidently attract and have the clients and sales you truly deserve.


Ignite your Income
is for you if:

  • You’re experiencing a trickle of sales and are determined to make a steady stream of income happen. You’re committed to turning your sporadic income into consistent $8-10k months.

  • You’re ready start owning your authority. You’ve been caught in a loop or second-guessing your every move. It’s time to gain clarity, confidence, and a solid strategy to move forward with conviction.

  • You desire more lightness, ease, and vibrancy in your marketing. You’re done with the hustle and grind mentality and want a more aligned, joyful approach to marketing that feels authentic and sustainable.

  • You’ve watched others nail their content and wondered why your message isn’t landing (or whether anyone likes you at all). You’re ready to refine your niche, sharpen your message, and attract clients who truly value your work.

  • You desire consistency—some days feeling like an inspired goddess, other days feeling lost in your own business. You’re ready for a structured plan that keeps you on track and aligned with your vision, no matter what.

  • You’re ready to trust yourself and step into your feminine leadership.  You are prepared to take responsibility for your success and avoid projecting your challenges onto others.


Ignite your Income is NOT for you 👇🏼

  • You want to stay in analysis paralysis and continue second-guessing yourself.
  • You are not ready to take full responsibility for your business and expect someone else to make success happen for you.
  • You are not prepared to trust yourself and step into your leadership, and are looking for someone to hand-hold you through every step.

This is how we will ROLL week by week in  Ignite your Income...

Every week flows into the other and of course there will be tasks that take longer than a week for some, however this is the flow we will follow and I will assist you personally through each step.  By the end of the 7 weeks together you will have your messaging, offer suite for cash flow foundations, content and sales in the bag.  You will have an option to be further supported in my Ascend Membership or Sistermind or go forth and take action!

Week 1: Clarity on your Message Transformation & Goals

Dive deep into your Human Design with a private session to set your goals. We will refine your voice to carry power and authority. We will create your brand positioning document to gain clarity on your audience and messaging foundations.

After Week 1, you'll have a clear direction, an aligned brand voice, a defined mission, a vivid vision of your dream client, and a preliminary offer suite. Our private session will clarify your gifts and business goals, setting you up to start strong.

Week 2: Your Messaging through your Offers & Brand

This week, you'll balance your unique gifts with your audience's needs, creating an offer suite for foundational cash flow. By examining your Human Design and Astrology, you'll align your offers to your unique blueprint and refine your messaging to position yourself as the top choice for your dream clients.

After Week 2, you'll clearly understand your value, position yourself with authority and begin to establish magnetic messaging as the foundation of your marketing strategy.

Week 3: Your "Client Magnet" Content Strategy

We will refine your offer messaging and solidify your two main offers. Using the Client Magnet Content System, you'll learn to create attention-grabbing content that converts and save time in your content creation process. I'll introduce my creative sales planning process to clarify your monthly offers and develop a content strategy aligned with your goals.

By the end of Week 3, you'll have a clear content strategy that turns your magic into profit.

Week 4: Building your 30 day Content Calendar

We continue from Week 3, eliminating guesswork on what to post. Every piece of content will drive brand awareness, community growth, or sales. You'll create a renewable 30-day evergreen content plan that aligns with your energy and business goals.

By the end of Week 4, your offer suite will be solidified, messaging for at least two offers crafted, and you'll practice directing people to the sales page. (P.S. I provide all the templates for sales pages, websites, and frameworks to plug your messaging into.)

Week 5: Elevating your Visibility & Igniting your Sales

This week, you're going to soar. You'll go all in and launch your offer. We'll discuss marketing strategies to create consistent cash flow, including sales and nurture funnels. You'll learn how to grow your authority and trust, attract new audiences, and sell effectively through strategic and energetic practices and relationship building. We'll also tackle internal blocks that prevent you from showing up fully and authentically, helping you expand your comfort zone and build confidence in your online presence.

Week 6:  Confident Selling & Launching

Get ready for a successful sales and launch by pulling together everything you've learned. This week, you'll refine your offer, sales process and launch strategy, create a launch timeline (if you have a program to launch), and keep your magnetic energy up throughout the process.

Strategic preparation will help you set powerful intentions and anchor your success that you've created through your foundations in the previous weeks.  You will have created a a confident, well-prepared sales process that attracts and converts your ideal clients.

...with energetic and somatic practices throughout the program, you will...

  • Connect with your intuition to ensure your message feels authentic.
  • Anchor your brand with visualization and movement exercises.
  • Channel creativity using journaling and expressive arts.
  • Transform visibility blocks with affirmations and grounding techniques.
  • Align your content strategy with your natural energy and peak creative times.
  • Celebrate your successes and keep momentum with embodiment practices.

Ignite Your Income is about more than just strategies—it's about transforming how you approach your business.

With a blend of grounded and masculine strategy and feminine holistic practices, you'll create a brand that's authentically you and irresistibly magnetic.

Get ready to step into your fully expressed brilliance and become the next-level brand you're meant to be.

Your investment...

IGNITE YOUR INCOME (early bird til 10 July)

$1497 (AUD) then goes to $1797

What's included:

  • 1 x private strategy sesh including your Human Design and Astrology so you can get clear on your goals right from the beginning. 
  • 6 x Weekly Google Meet teaching and Q & A calls (all recorded and uploaded to resource portal)
  • Real time Loom (video share) messaging support a I personally look over your messaging and help edit it.
  • Group Whatsapp support and accountability 4 days a week - so that you can continue your momentum every single day!
  • Access to my full portal of resources (and continually being upgraded) including "Client Magnet Content" & "The Cosmic Business Blueprint Mega Chat GPT Prompt" so you can fast track your authority in your brand.
  • A community of like minded women where we can all support and elevate each other into your next level.
  • BONUS 1 week pre-work group chat to prepare for our 6 weeks together.

IMPORTANT: This accelerator is for 5 women ONLY because of the high level of support from myself and so you get the best possible transformation.

This is all designed for busy women with families wanting to grow their business.  My aim is to not overwhelm you, but give you the tools to implement straight away so you see fast results.


Afterpay, Google Pay and Apple Pay available.

Hey! I'm Karla

I’m THAT coach to come to when you’ve tried everything else.

Many of my clients have said to me “I wish I found you first!”. The reason? My wealth of knowledge of my 23 years of experience in the online world and that I actually CARE about your growth which makes me create exceptional programs and mentorships that actually get you the results.

And my secret superpower… to merge strategy, somatics & strategy and pull all of the puzzle pieces of your business together in a clear, tangible way so that you feel confident and empowered to craft content, create magnetic marketing and SELL your offers to an excited and loyal community.

Since Google was a baby (ahh those were the days!) I've had the immense privilege of collaborating with countless visionary women and feminine leaders on a profound journey of brand transformation, business elevation and refinement.

My mission is to guide fiercely visionary women to unapologetically showcase their unique passion and talents, to embrace the art of becoming an authentically magnetic brand & scaling a sustainable and thriving business that turns them on (without sacrificing their lifestyle).

I'll help you rise beyond the “rules” to stand out online, radiate authenticity & magnetic energy, while making more money and more impact doing what you love!



Got questions? I've got answers