Client Magnet Content

I see you. You're craving to effortlessly communicate your extraordinary magic to your audience and have your dream clients frothing to pay you for your expertise.

You know the way to make this happen is through your brand's storefront - your content.... but right now you're spending way too much time overthinking your posts with little to no gain, not knowing what to post everyday, struggling to sell your offers, attract clients, and all-in-all, not seeing much growth from your incredible efforts.

To make matters worse, you're stuck in comparisonitis seeing other healers and coaches out there selling their offers (leaving you feeling like 💩 wondering what you're doing wrong 😞).

Babe, I'm here to tell you that you're doing anything "knowingly" wrong.

You've been told to be more authentic and that's what you're doing right?  

Annnd you're probably getting the likes and "yess Queen" comments, but when it comes to people buying your offer and wanting to work with you - you're getting crickets🦗 .

This means you're not articulating your extraordinary magic in a way that that creates an instant YES from your people.

Annndnd you're most probably creating content that excites you more than it excites your audience (sorry about the hard truth there lovely!)

They like you, but they don't trust you - so they go to THAT brand who has learned the art of building authority.

And this is what I'm going to show you in Client Magnet Content 👇🏼

This is where you're going to learn the art of how to create messaging through your content that is both authentic AND authority driven, aligned to your Human Design & Astro, so you can create content that gets you paid.

And this is how Client Magnet Content stands apart.

This meticulously designed, easy-to-follow course and system will show you how to clarify your audience, craft magnetic messaging, and then plug that into building your content strategy, hooks, captions, and a 30-day content calendar—all in your authentic voice and aligned with your Human Design & Astrology.

Not only that, you'll learn a system that you can use over and over again so you can spend more time in your zone of genius while your sales notifications light up!

It might sound too good to be true, but every step is laid out so you can do all of this in just 2 hours*.

My clients are drooling over these results....

And now you'll create highly converting content in record time which allows you to focus on your zone of genius and transform your clients' lives with your extraordinary magic.

👉🏼Buh-byeeee to guesswork and wasted hours on ineffective content.

👉🏼Hellooooo daily sales and new clients into your business.



A personalized portal with step-by-step instructions to easily:

  • Understand your mission, voice, dream client, and unique message.
  • Align with your Human Design & Astrology to create content reflecting your brilliance.
  • Develop a content strategy eliminating the guesswork on what to post every day.
  • Generate extensive hooks aligned with your profile lines for Reels & Carousels.
  • Create a 30-day content calendar tailored to your goals and Human Design & Astrology, knowing exactly what to post daily.
  • Plan using the Trello Board Planner under astrological days of the week.
  • Access plug-and-play caption, story and email frameworks for:
    • Authority building & lead generation Instagram captions
    • Authenticity & connection captions
    • IG Stories selling
    • Carousels
    • Email marketing
    • And more...


This system you can use over and over again each month and can be adapted to what you're selling at the time.  

This approach makes creating highly converting, trust-building, magnetic content—time-saving and incredibly easy.

This course assumes you're actually selling something - so if you don't have an offer yet, make sure you have at least ONE before you purchase this course.

$197.00 USD

Service Agreement: Client Magnet Content Presale

This Service Agreement ("Agreement") is entered into by and between Karla Maree ("Provider") and you ("Client") on this date of purchase.

1. Service Description

The Provider agrees to deliver the Client Magnet Content, a comprehensive package designed to assist the Client in creating highly converting content for their social media & email aligned to their brand, human design & astrology.

2. Intellectual Property and Non-Disclosure

The Client acknowledges that the Client Magnet Content is a proprietary product developed by the Provider. The Client agrees not to copy, distribute, or share the content of the Client Magnet Content with any third parties without the express written consent of the Provider.

3. Disclaimer of Liability

The Provider has tested the Client Magnet Content extensively with multiple clients, and while it has proven effective, the Provider does not guarantee specific outcomes. The Client acknowledges that the Provider is not liable for the results generated by ChatGPT based on the provided prompts. The Client understands that the applicability and success of the Client Magnet Content depend on individual circumstances and effort.

4. Client Responsibility

The Client is responsible for implementing the strategies and prompts provided in the Client Magnet Contet. The Provider is not liable if the Client feels the results are not aligned with their expectations or business goals.

5. No Warranty

The Provider makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the information provided in the Client Magnet Content. The service is provided "as is" without any warranties of any kind, either express or implied.


6. Governing Law

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Queensland, Australia.

8. Acceptance

By ticking the box, the Client acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agree to the terms of this Agreement.


I gotchu.  In membership you can get support straight from moi to answer or guide you through your messaging, content and human design journey to help you communicate your magic and get paid being YOU.  You will also receive access to every masterclass I launch.